Website Build - General Tier

Website Build - General Tier

from 300.00

Website Setup comes with a squarespace account that will be used to host your website on.

I only do the setup of the website I won’t be managing the site.

Basic Website

  • Few Pages

* 3 Page maximum design and setup, meaning the site will have a landing page setup with 3 tabs.

  • Mobile Optimized Site

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

  • No Signature

  • Small Details

* Give me some ideas and content about you and what you would like on your website, having a collaborative effort with what you would like on your website helps. Your open to adding in your own content and words to the site but i can only go so far into my depth.

  • 3 Product/ Service Setup

  • Domain with your Website

Fancy Package

  • Basic + Fancy

* the freedoms of the basic Tier are freeded to allow for more pages as needed.

  • Signature

* Custom designed calligraphy signature to have a professional look.

  • Custom Designed Graphic

* Page will look appealing to the eyes

Social Animal

  • Basic + Fancy + Social Media

* Everything from the fancy tier and basic then on to level of also having social media matching the design ques of the website and design.

* If a facebook page, youtube channel, twitter account needs to be created it would help if you help me help you have the login information for the respectable platform so that I can create and design what’s needed for your platforms.

* Your data and information is safe and is respected and is not given out to any individuals but myself.

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