Design Project // New Dimension

This project is something I work on in my spare time. I am using Cinema 4D and After Effects. But currently I am just focusing on what I am building and how I am going about. My rendering and exports are slow due to me making this on a $1000 laptop with bad thermals and has an i7 so yeah I am dealing what I can make right now. I will in the future once I build and finish what I want to make I will deal with how I am going to go about what I want to do about rendering my materials and how I am going to do it. I know I want to use Octane renderer on the Nvidia Platform and its going to be absolutely gorgeous when I complete it. Every and what I am doing to going into what I am creating is super custom project, this stuff isn’t something you just make over night. I am creating this with heart and the google photos I am using to create and show I am thinking.

I didn’t start making this in April 12th but that’s when I decided to start capturing and exporting new project files for everyday I work on New Dimension. There’s an example of what I made on youtube.


This I made April 6 so thats when I really began this project.

Concept and Ideas

Above is a collection of trying to demonstrate I am thinking of. I used photos off google. so fair use know all good. Have this whole trying to make and things of my creation is trying to be a warehouse, turbine, modern tech creation. The photos I found on google don’t even does it justice.

// On April 12th this is what I made and created. It’s a huge upgrade from what I have made on April 6th.


// On May 20th this is the stage I am at.

To explain what’s going on here I have made this copper connector going on in the back. I am going to hook it up to

// Rendering performance is hindered when I use textures so yeah I am using very simple textures right now, mostly white. If you see a lot of lines that’s because I am using wireframe mode and allows me to see all the lines, and poly’s.


I will publish this for now but I will later on like add on to or make a new post about my next progress and add and fill in that gaps on this project.