What does it take to evolve?

The definition of evolve is meaning of evolution which is the change of characteristics in a species over several generations. When it comes to me creating a project it’s all very complex and and in a tl;dr form its like a factory that’s designed to only create one desired output. But for what do and the programs I use its not as simple as loading up a warehouse full of leather and expecting to be able to create a leather shoe or boot that anyone can wear and then finding away to market it and make sales off of what you make really easily. Luckily my design work isn’t like a crafting a leather shoe.

Being able to to pick up the software such as Adobe Photoshop or Autodesk Fusion 360 doesn’t come easy. The way I see being able to learn things as puzzles or thinking of things in a understand it little by little fashion so that your to achieve the desired goal of whatever your heart desires to create. Ultimately learning something can be as simple as learning a new language or researching about how a colony of workers thrive to eat.


Well that’s how it is in the the design world, it’s not all unicorns and sunshine cause there’s good ways to design and create something, such as a poster that goes on a billboard that people are going to see on a highway and your phone number is too small in a 8 pixel font on a massive canvas and all you wrote 2 words “car accident?” with a guy pointing at the words. That would be the worse billboard ever cause of people who would be driving on the highway going 60 to 75 miles an hour wouldn’t be able to call you. It would be a complete waste, for anyone who is trying to read your sign. So a lot of designing can be well planned and both really good and poorly planned. So that’s why there are are things that have to be thought out when applying your brush to the canvas.

For me and what I do as a designer is very interesting but this is here is an example where I had a client and started out with something, and over time with my relationship of knowing them I was able to create more and creative intros.


The first intro I created I made in 2016, and from there in order along here you can see that here in 2018 I created 3 different intros. Each one I made at least took me a month each to create, I only uploaded once all the work was done. and I wasn’t all just full on boom boom working on a 3 at once. Tho what I did was create each one at a time and from there I went and like naturally made each one unique by thinking about how I make my intros but by testing different camera animations and text effectors with different lighting along with metals and shades of green.

For the my backgrounds that I created that were abstract I was using plugins from Red Giant, and with them I was in a state of mind with a high state of knowing what all the 100+ controls did to create the cool wild things I made.