My Hardware

I am running with a 6 Core 12 Thread i7-5820k CPU, I am running with a 4.3 Ghz overclock.

I have 3x 3 TB hard drives making up just about 9 tb’s worth of storage for all of my storing needs. I do also use a 256gb Samsung 850 EVO SSD for my boot drive, not shown in the photo.

For my memory needs I am using a 32gb of 3200mhz ddr4 corsair LPX each stick is 8gb’s running in quad-channel.

For the functionally of my desktop that connects everything I am on a X99 Chipset. My ASROCK motherboard has a large feature list so it allows for a lot from 3x 16x PCI slots which is good for 3 way sli if your into that, M.2 Drive, 128 GB of memory, 10 hard drives, and

The cable management is on the messy side I am using a 850 G2 power supply by EVGA. I am in to the function over looking nice factor of my desktop, maybe down the road in a future I will get some nice custom sleeving.