Types of Clients

Hello there this is PhoenixDesigns irl is Tyler B I am the nerdy person on computers, video games, and motion graphics software. I wanted to write about those types of clients people have met through the internet that just make you love your passion even more!

I have had clients in the past who have given me an image of what they would like for there designs. I have honestly done nothing but amaze them. There was a person who I met through twitter when I had done a fan intro for SlapTrain. This person was from Australia which to me was super cool. This guy was super talented from what I could tell, he wanted a wolf for his logo and it was called winter czar. I was intrigued by it we talked for a few hours we saw eye to eye on how we envisioned things so I was gave him an assignment to write about what he wanted the intro to be like and basically for a good 4 paragraph’s worth of text he had his idea and I executed it well and wasn’t just your average joe who just wanted it done he wanted a masterpiece. So that’s what I achieved when working for this client I have a good friend in Australia and a lifelong friend! to him price wasn’t an object he cared about the quality about how it looked.

Another client type I have encountered is the recurring type, your the restaurant cook, there the customer. this type of client loves your work so much that they just can’t get enough of your work that you just make them so happy that they just don’t mind what you make as long that there’s meaning and reaventcy behind what your doing that there always there for you. There that crowd of people who can even be that type of person who just even spread the word of your work and get you even more work!

I have had so many great experiences with good people that I want to find a way to document them to feel like there’s away I can promote them as I am doing work for that client.

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