New Dimension Next Iteration

This is my continued from my last post you can view it.

// On April 29th I have more fully featured out the tanks that are all around. This whole Idea is super complex and science fiction like. On the left is the wireframe, the right is then rendered look.

Once I get my hands on a computer with Octane GPU Renderer I am going to totally completely flip this project upside down with how it looks and is lighted, and how the whole thing looks, over all.

Concepts 2.0


I am not trying to make the cryo pods. I am trying to make the glass tank style, no frost or anything, tho I want to have a bit of liquid in those tanks. I am going to use realflow when I get to that stage.

// Also on April 29th I added a weird fan with a maglev design if I am correct? I think that’s the style. I have this whole thing looking as if the fan part of everything, I even have it spinning. (I gotta find a way to show gifs or make mp4’s into gifs at under 20 mb’s).

I will publish this for now, but I will make a new post about my next progress and show progress on this awesome project I am working on.