What does it take to learn graphic software?

So your a curious individual who has heard of big software names such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Autodesk 3DS MAX. The list goes on that’s just to name a few there’s to many to list but if you have heard of them before you know that there really big in the industry's depending where there being used in that company. People who take photos use photoshop to edit them. Then people who create animations would use After Effects.

 To understand these programs or concepts you have to already have a vision of what you want to create. These programs act like a scanimate. Below I will talk about what a scanimate does and how it operates.



Above is a scanimate it's a bunch of dials and switches to control an image that the user wants to create but through analog video. Many of the programs we have today through software act the same way. Scanimates are super complex and overly technical. The only draw back with these massive machines they didn't have an easy way to undo things and if they wanted change a shape of color that was on screen they would have to redo the whole thing. So if you did something that took you 2 weeks to create and you had to edit something in the motion graphic your client wanted changed it would take as much time it took you to create it to change one little simple thing.

 The programs now of the digital millennium, has changed all of that and now it doesn't take a long time at all to create things or render things, if something is taking to long to render just throw more hardware at it. Everything these days scale linearly in a diagonal pattern tord time being decreased when more render nodes are added.

 Just getting into being able to use and operate these programs are not a difficult task. A lot of the time when I am looking at movies I am not just looking at the final product of what there showing off I am thinking about the peeling back the Onion layers of how it was created.

Using YouTube as a resource for tutorials can be a great way to go about it but if you need to know where to find a intermediate user look no further that at my listing on Coachtheworld where you can book me and find out how I can help you achieve your dreams to navigate through these treacherous programs.